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HI! Please, the best way to get to us and a timely response is by email...

customer service email: peace@nomadicstateofmind.com

579 Baywood Road
Fayetteville, NC 28312

ph:781-816-3030 If you get a voicemail we will call you back as soon as possible. Email truly works best for our company.

not free/or outside USA - 703 568 4758

Hours of operation: we don't sit around and wait for the phone to ring, but we do run a business! if you call and get the voice mail, leave a message we'll call you back, usually the next business day. we attempt to respond to emails each evening. if you don't hear back from us in a timely fashion (by the end of the following business day)-please send email- it means either we took the day off, or we couldn't understand your message. We have built a great customer driven company over the last 104 years, and our goal is to keep it that way. We are a small friend/family based company, we do not have multiple people waiting by the phone, and we don't use a call center! it's us, and just a few of us. The absolute best way to communicate is by email, and not because we don't want to talk to you-it's actually the opposite, we like to chat, so if we get on the phone and starts talking about traveling or something, days pass, and the phone line is tied up. We really appreciate the thoughts of how we can make your experience in our shoes the best possible, so keep them coming, see ya!
Seriously.. would we make them if they weren't? We use the softest polypro rope for that purpose. we use the best quality rope, we have our rope made to our specs.
Sandals run true to size, However if you are a half size we recommend ordering the next size up. (ie. if you usually wear a 9.5, and sometimes where a 10- then order a 10-10.5, but if you wear a 9.5 but sometimes wear a 9 then order the 9-9.5.
You will be satisfied with whatever style you pick, all sandals are adjustable except the slip on, and yoga sandal. If you just can't decide, start with the JC.
Really, any where you'd like. As a matter of fact we wear nothing else (well occasionaly some clothes, but prefer not). Some people like 'em in the water, some like to keep them dry.Our sandals have been seen on boat decks, in rafts and kayaks, on the beach, at the mall (yuck), around the house, at the pool, on some stages, and in jails. check out the testimonial page.
Yes you can order right off our site, but you should check the international distributor page, sometimes distributors can ship you a pair of sandals inside your own country costing you less in shipping.
Your order will be shipped the next business day and should arrive at your location within two to four business days, in the lower 48, allow five in case the horses are running slow. Shipping times for international orders may vary.
If you check your account and it reads DELIVERED, delivered means we have brought it to the post office, so EXPECT Your Package 2-4 days after that.
We will accept exchanges (an exchange is when you have a sandal that does not fit you properly and you want to turn it in for a different pair) up to 30 days. Days are defined as number of days from the date you receive your order. All exchanges must be accompanied by a receipt (email confirmation-this is the receipt that we put in your package when you receive your goods), and all exchanges must be sent to:

Nomadic State of Mind/Exchange
579 Baywood Road
Fayetteville, NC 28312

**please write directly on the receipt what you want to swap out for***

All exchanges are subject to approval. We will not accept anything that appears to have been worn, washed, smoked, or damaged in any way. The easiest way to send them back is to visit usps.com and print your label at your home and put them in the mailbox.
OK, please take into consideration that we are not a huge coporation, and appreciate that. we are a small family and friend based company that attempt to excel in product reliability and customer service. we wrote this only because we want you to understand that our returns are handled in a simple way- and attempt to provide everybody a fair and reliable service. keeping it simple, and not adopting policies of huge corporations- it is our shipping department (1-3 hardworking people that handle any returns, which are quite minimal, but once in a while someone orders our sandals and they just don’t work for them, rarely happens, but our sandals are not for everyone, we know that). Our products may be returned up to 30 days from the receipt of purchase. We will not accept any merchandise back unless it is returned exactly the way we sent it to you- no sign of wear and all tags, etc. in tact (ok-so you have to take off the cardboard hang tag to try them out-no problem, just please return the tag and rope). We attempted to come up with the most fair method of a refund. We can either refund your payment (must be on the same cc you used for purchase-within 30 days) or give you a store credit for something else. You would need to ship them back to the address above, and write on the receipt that you would like a refund, and the reason you want a refund (that helps us make decisions on future products). This is the simplest and fairest way to deal with any returns. we cover the shipping back to you, or if you are looking for credit. if you want a refund in dollars it will be refunded to the credit card you used to purchase the sandals. thanks! additional info: -it is easiest and cost efficient to use www.usps.com to return sandals, it can all be done online, printed out label, etc (this is what we use to ship your sandals). - if item was purchased in a retail location, please contact and return that store with any returns, exchanges or defects. - customer is responsible for any difference in cost for exchanged items. difference can be calculated on nomadicstate.com or by contacting us- best to email- we are not the type of company that waits around for the phone to ring- and can be sent in with exchange. write credit card number, expiration date, and ccv number on receipt or send check. not including payment information can delay exchange process. - if your shipment was incorrect the cost of the return will be reimbursed up to $6 if receipt is included with return. - guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects for 30 days. please contact peace@nomadicstateofmind.com if over 30 days -if something is returned without the above information it will be disposed of, also if you send back dirty sandals (they are machine washable) they will be disposed of
best to watch these videos: < href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWjFf_rmSPE&feature=youtu.be">https://youtu.be/fWjFf_rmSPE, differences of sandals

Probably the BEST way to wash your sandals is to use a power washer, just blow them out with a power washer (like when you are at the car wash) then tie them to your roof for the drive home. so not everybody wants to take their sandals to the car wash.....read below.
washability: sandals may be washed and dried along with your regular wash. they are bleach, chlorine, and salt water resistant (not proof). this means they get wet, but they will dry. if they get really soiled, you may find it beneficial to soak them in water with a little bleach for a little while then stick them in the direct sun outside to dry (we use tea tree oil instead of bleach but most people find bleach to work better). You can put them in the dryer if you insist-but this is a waste of energy. Bleach will not hurt sandals of any color. wet sandals should always be dried thoroughly before storage. the lazy cleaning method: PUT YOUR dry SANDALS IN A ZIP LOCK BAG, add some baking soda, ZIP IT, AND STICK THEM IN THE FREEZER FOR THE NIGHT.
normal wear and tear: remember you are walking on rope. you may drag your feet-you will wear them down. polypro is incredibly strong, however remember you are walking on rope. when sandals begin to fray, if it happens it usually happens by the back heel. we suggest: with a small pair of scissors gently trim back the frayed rope.. adjustability: if you cannot figure out how to adjust them please fiddle with the ankle strap-you will eventually be enlightened. only the slip on is not adjustable. our sandals are made from a reclaimed polypropylene (usa made) cord
handmade: again sandals are handmade, slight variances may appear. if their is a problem with your sandals please don't hesitate to email
yes send a check/money order to our PO Box provided in the shopping cart, snail mail takes a little longer. your order will be shipped once we recieve payment, please confirm shipping address with payment.
Yes, we have a secure server for our online store. We are also confident with paypals online payment security, and we think you should be too.
you don't need a paypal account, just a valid credit card.
*Please use credit cards wisely."
outside the U.S. - will be calculated at checkout. Inside the US, shipping is free.
you can expect to pay the same you would with shipping included. at retail festival events, we include the shipping price in the sandal price and round to a 5 or 0. at retail evens we have to pay travel, state and local taxes, insurance, and the list goes on. its about the same price either way you look at it.
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