Belt Long Camel and Flint
Our handmade rope belt with d-ring closure. It gets softer as you wear it. This long belt in camel and flint is sure to keep you pants on......until they are ready to come off!
Bottle Holder and Logo Water Bottle
20 oz. double walled for hot and cold drinks! keeps things hot for 5 hours and ice called for 10 hours. comes with water bottle holder. ready for adventure. Screw top, not leaking all over your life! water bottle is...
JC Rainbow-Sole
The JC in rainbow with nothing but sole! Love is love* . Loves for real not fade away*
Key Chain Mountain Momma
These are handmade miniature version of our Mountain Momma sandal. Scrap rope is taken apart and hand twisted into smaller versions of itself to make these keychains, or whatever you want to use them for! Adjustable just like the real...
Keychain JC
The JC in miniature size. Woven with recycled straps so not only are your feet happy when the JC style is around so is your keyring. Makes a great present topper or great gift itself.
lanyard for your keys and your life. made out of our rope for you life. available in a few colors
Patch 2 inch nomo
2 inch iron on nomadic state of mind patch- just use an iron (its probobaly collecting dust in the closet anyway)
Patch Iron On NOMO Embroidered Patch-4inch
Embroidered iron on nomadic state of mind patch. Irons on easy to almost any fabric. 4 inch circle, embroidered Nomadic state of mind logo
Sticker 18in Racing Sticker
large nomadic sticker, 18". requires tube shipping, no additional charge.
Sticker Enjoy Every Step
9" long "enjoy every step" sticker, with nomo on the globe. positive vibrations, we all need those
Sticker-4" logo sticker
our logo sticker.  *one is included with every order for free*, this is just if you want to order more- but check out the 5 pack and 10 pack ones...
Travel Tag
where you going? need to label your bags for the airlines, busses, trains, or spaceships? this durable travel tag comes with the attachment piece and questions on the back to fill out are: name, address, email, phone, stage name, home...
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