JC Kids Camel
children rope sandalsjc in kids camel
JC Kids Camel With Sole
our original six cross strap design with adjustable backstrap- the JC in kids. found back in the stone age! machine washable, dryable, vegan, colorfast. you will love this sandal! available in many colors. #9 says, "worn by history's best prophets"....
JC Kids Disco Black
kids in disco black, shiny things, shiny things! All kids love shiny things, adding a sparkle to each step.
Jc Kids pink
Bubble gum flavor inspired color, for some kids pink makes the world go round..
Jc Kids purple
jc in kids Purple, often the favorite color of all kids, and adults..
jc kids royal blue
“mom i want royal blue carpet!”.   “maybe you should go with a lighter color, the dark will show the need to vaccuum more”-mom ”i will vaccuum, i want blue carpet”. As usual she was right, and i didnt vaccuum...
Kids slide with backstrap-multi color
Our newest kids creation, taking the full nelson style to another level for securing the kids foot to the sandal.  this one comes in a myriad of mixed colors, read being the primary.
Kids Thong Camel
NEW! Kids thong style sandal with backstrap, keeps your childs foot locked in the front and the back! We spent some time this winter and made this style for kids after so many requests! thanks
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