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PFO- prepared for orthodic- this is our original sandals designed in mind for those of you who need a little extra cushion, or require an orthopedic insert.  We offer both, our specially designed inserts, a few of other peoples inserts, and of course the sandal and you can put your own insert in it!  Please see under each product for details.  we custom make these in our warehouse, so they will ship separate from your stocked order.  Usually ships within 3 days- if longer we let you know!  This one has been called the over 40 shoe!
Hand made rope sandals with orthopedic inserts- comfort sandals at their finest.  We can do an array of projects to fit what you need, and here are some of the base options, as this part of our company grows, so will the choices.... thanks for supporting!  made for you in North Carolina