Small Surfboard Rug
If you must put down roots then make sure you fill your home with memories of your great surfing adventures. Our surfboard rope rugs make beautiful reminders of happy memories exploring colorful or unique places. Put together over the course...
Surfboard Rug 7'2"-Multicolor
7'2" surf board rug, made by hand with sandal scraps Longboard Surf Rug Our longboard surf rug represents a mood of nature and love. What better way to bring the feel of the outdoors inside than with a subtle reminder...
Surfboard Rug 7'2"-tail color
7'2" surf board rug, made by hand with sandal scrapsmodeled after our favorite surfboard, this surfboard shaped rug is great for narrow hallways, kitchens, entry ways, or if you have a 9' ceiling, it looks remarkable on the wall. All...
Surfboard Short Wall Art
3' surf board rug, made by hand with sandal scraps Short Surfboard Rug Modeled after our favorite funboard, this surfboard shaped wall art reminds you to close your eyes and visualize the breath of the ocean. Made with sandal scraps,...
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Art VW Bus
In the 60's there was a time of revolution, similar but different to what we see today, regardless heavy times. We are dedicated to a positive future outlook, just like those who took to the streets in the 60's. The...
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Art Buddha
tis' the time to sit and listen
Art Buddha Round
tis' the time to sit and hear 22"x22"
Rug Nomadic Logo Circle
see nomo in all his recycled glory- using up sandal scraps to make art! keep smiling no matter what22"x22"
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Rug Salt
Rug Salt
going sailing with a mermaid.. you might need a rug to dry your human feet.... or hang a mermaid on the wall.
surf board rug- fish 6' 8
Sure to brighten your day every time you view this piece of rope art hanging on your wall in your home, shop, or hotel.  Unique to say the least, a lot of time goes into taking sandal scraps and assembling...
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