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The jester...Inspired by the clew knot, these sandals also reminisce a time period of rennaissance emulated after what we thought a court jester might wear. One rope goes between the big toe and second toe, followed by a clew know and adjustable back strap. Super comfy rope, machine washable, vegan, and looks really nice on the foot.
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jester sandal in black jester-black
Our Price: $58.00

the jester rope sandal in camel color Jester in camel
Our Price: $58.00

Nomadic State of mind Handmade jester sandals. These sandals are found around the globe.. Found to save feet at music festivals for nearly two decades, Fashionable at festivals or downtown any city USA. We consider the jester one of our most fashionable unique sandals. For any occasion our rope sandals will fit your mood, lifestyle, and #4. ability to leap small puddles in a single bound. Our toe joe sandals was made for the mountain and river folk in mind: a big toe strap to keep your foot locked in the front of the sandal in back; which is great for on the rivers and off, and in the mountains. Our original JC sandal was designed for that simple lifestyle, no strings attached- well maybe jus to the sandal! Super light (about 10 oz) these sandals can go with you wherever. Machine washable and machine dryable and nearly indestructable (ok, these sandal do not like fire, so we advise to keep your fire walking to some other kind of footwear) Made of some of the softest rope around, a reclaimed polypro; which last for years. for much more information then you would ever want, read about us here. since the turn of the century you have seen Nomadic sandals at music festivals around the globe, saving feet! Some people love these sandals so much they wear them everywhere: hiking, boating, sailing, comfort walking, in space, moon walking (like MJ, of course) , running (usually away from someone), camping (insert picture of jacob passed out in the tent with his fee sticking out in sandals), in the water (#5 they float, you don't remember that)many people find them great in water since you can feel the texture of anything under your feet! They are found in the chill part of cities, usually this sandal causes people the need to wander, and usually wander to remote areas away from the hustle of life, and there are those places in the cities.... If you like being barefoot, you will love our sandals made out of rope. lets face it, whether you like it or not, once in a while you have to wear shoes.... somedays maybe that is all you need. Here are the 10 best reason to wear our sandals, ok there are way more then that, but this is a good start...
1. they will get you laid...back! (need proof?)
2. hand crafted with real hands! (yes, at nomadic state of mind we still use real hands, no robotics here!)
3. Machine washable and colorfast. (yes, for best washing directions look here)
4. ability to leap small puddles in a single bound! (yes these sandals give you amazing super powers, which will take you no time to figure out)
5. They float, you don't, remember that! (self explanatory we hope, if you can't swim- dont go rafting!)
6. Makes you too sexy (again need proof? we'll send you a video)
7. affordable, long lasting! (so if you break it down, its about 4$ per toe per year! we think that is extremely affordable, and they are handmade!
8. superlight for your intergalactic travels- (coming soon, as soon as space x gets it together!) for now try lying on your back with eyes closed- you can go anywhere!
9. worn by history's best prophets! (you name them, and i bet we can find a picture of them wearing something similar to our jc, if not we will travel back in time and deliver them- because they need them)
10. the convertible sandal... and yes this is a test. (see how long it takes for you to figure this out)
Love life, you deserve it!