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The slip on sandal, just as it reads, easy on easy off. Many people find this to be awesome as a house slipper, but also used outside for people who like the sandal that slips on but doesnt go between the toes. Hand made, machine washable, color fast, vegan.
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this sandal is a great option for a number of people, here are some specific people this sandal may also be helpful for. People who cannot tie their shoes or bend over easily. this sandal takes little effort to put on and take off. As a house slipper this one rocks, comfy and easy and non containing but keeps your barefoot off the cold floor but doesn't get them hot and sweaty. this sandal is also great for a trail shoe since it packs so light. After a day in hiking boots or trail runners, these make a great way for your feet to relax after walking all day. this sandal was one of our originals and held to the test of time!