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our asana inspired sandals. People call them yoga toes. These sandals have a thong separating all toes; its a little strange at first, but many either already like it or enjoy it shortly after they start wearing them. Some people have found benefits from sandals that separate all toes, including better balance and individual toe movement easier. We find they are very comfortable, and were designed to increase awareness in the toes. Hand made, machine washable, vegan, and available with or without a backstrap.
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moksha rope sandal in camel color moksha rope sandals in camel
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yoga-warrior-rope sandal in camel color yoga-warrior-rope sandal-camel color
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Nomadic State Of Mind Rope Yoga Mat Holder - Available in 3 Colors. Yoga Mat Carrier
Our Price: $13.00

many people who take yoga classes are in tune with their balance and toes.  we made these sandals with the intention of working on that.  Chris made and tried the warrior yoga sandal while on a trip through turkey.  he said it took a few days to get used to, but then he really liked it when he was hiking, and it always kept an awareness to his feet and toes.  There are many claims for people wearing this style sandal and benefits- but most of all they are super comfortable and super soft rope.   they look great as well!