Vegan and cruelty free

Vegan and Cruelty Free

All of our products are cruelty free and vegan. There are no animal products or parts in any product we make. Also, no animal testing on anything we do. We also do not add any wheat gluten or refined sugar into anything!

Global impact

Global Impact

We attempt to minimize our global impact in all areas of business. We’d like to see the Earth in a great state of health for our future generations, this includes basic ideologies like fair labor, community development, and sustainable business development. And some of the simplest things; re-using boxes, paper, limiting unnecessary packaging, etc. Read more.



We use recycled and up-recycled wherever possible - many of the fabrics we use are made from recycled plastic bottles. Our sail flops use up-cycled sails that have sailed the globe for years…

Organic cotton

Organic Cotton

Used where it makes sense, which is wherever cotton is needed (currently in t shirts and hats). We also use other sustainable fabrics like hemp and rpet. Read more.

Waste management

Waste Management

This is one of the most pertinent in our opinion to the manufacturing process. If not properly managed, waste material can easily fill landfills from manufacturing. We developed our “no scraps left behind” program as way to use up scraps and create more work for the down time. Almost all of our rope waste is reused into other rope art. Read more.

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About Nomadic State of Mind

About Nomadic State of Mind

Picture yourself… anywhere.
 We at Nomadic State of Mind believe that while it may not always be possible to take your physical body to new and exciting destinations, you certainly can find small doses of time to let your mind wander into unknown territories. Whether you fancy physical travel (time travel or within this dimension), sense expansion (ever tried an unfamiliar cuisine?) or going for a ride with google earth into the depths of the globe to discover a small town in the other hemisphere– you have tapped into your Nomadic State of Mind… Now, take a peek into ours.