Wholesale Info

with over 15 years sandal making experience, rope art making, and employing the same people, we have developed a program of resellers.
all of our sandals are handmade, and we have a lot of experienced sandal makes now, and we can make a lot of sandals. We distribute sandals
around the globe now, with each country representing a nomadic state of mind. We are found in Canada, Australia, japan, Soviet Union, Greece, Cyprus
France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, central america. we continue to reinvest and grow this company, our longterm goal is to keep employing more people
in central american and here at home. we are now putting soles on the sandals in our North carolina location, and assembling the rope into sandals in our
community enrichment program in Nicaragua. We just finished building a new warehouse in North Carolina and house a lot of sandals. Our shipping department
works every day now, and we are shipping sandals to other countrys, and small shops around the U.S. We are looking for like minded store owners to sell our
sandals and we offer a company that is still owned and operated by the founder, and his family and friends. Please contact us for more info, and we will get you
going today! Also, if you have not read the "about us" section, please do, so you know exactly what you are getting into! thanks-

Even Ralph Lauren likes our sandals.... see below