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our romano style sandal, emulated after the sandals the romans wore. this is our most secure sandal, with 5 points of adjustability on this sandal. The rope laces can be interchanged. The ropes are tied up your legs, and there is no right or wrong way to tie them, there is plenty or rope to tie up your leg. This one is also found on a lot of outdoor activities, and festivals. Try some different color laces! use different color laces for each side, many possibilities to customize this sandal.
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lace color for romano sandals romano rope sandal in camel color romano sandal in black color
color laces for romano
Our Price: $4.00

romano camel
Our Price: $48.00
your price $42.00
Savings: $6.00

romano black
Our Price: $48.00
your price $42.00
Savings: $6.00

interchangeable laces for romano style only
romano, warrior style rope sandal in camel color
the romano, warrior style sandal in black
a popular style sandal over the past few years, made with the super soft rope you would expect from us. Vegan, machine washable, and adjustable. this sandal is found in fashion boutiques in many countrys. Many people call this the gladiator sandal.